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Mr. Mir Sahed Ali was born in a bourgeois Muslim family on 6 June, 1981 in the locality of Old Dhaka, Bangladesh but his hometown is in Manikganj District. He is the 4th and youngest child of Mr. Mir Shawkat Ali and Mrs. Sahida Begum (Late). His father Mr. Mir Shawkat Ali is a venerable, renowned and skillful photographer of our country and his mother used to be a homemaker. Mir Sahed Ali has been born and brought up in a middle-class joint family at Old Dhaka, Bangladesh that helps to build him as a dreamer, challenge taker, problem solver and being the most responsible person in every sphere of life.


Pleasant personality Mr. Mir Sahed Ali has completed his Bachelor Degree in Accounting from Jagannath University, Bangladesh. Before that he was a student of Tejgaon Govt. College and Nawabpur Govt High School. His Academic career could not go longer run due to taking family responsibilities but he never stopped learning and completing any professional and Leadership skill developing courses and program related to his career to pursue his dream.


Mir Sahed Ali is currently serving as the Managing Director of i-Mesh Ltd.

Mir Sahed Ali, is the name of a successful entrepreneur and a youth leader of the ICT Industry in Bangladesh. He envolved with IT, e-Commerce, advertisement, tourism, restaurant and construction business. He started his career by establishing i-Mesh back in 2006.

Since then he has been working in diversified sector with his skills, effort and dedication to create more values in his professional and social life.

Business Achievements

Mr. Mir Sahed Ali envolved with IT, e-Commerce, advertisement, tourism, restaurant and construction business.

Founder & Managing Director

ICT Enable Service Provider Company

Founder & Managing Director

Advertising Firm

Founder & Managing Director

e-Commerce Website

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Travel Agency

Managing Partner

Personal Hygiene & Safety Equipment Provider

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Construction & Development Business

Managing Partner

Restaurant Business

Managing Partner

Zom Zom Social Media Applications Development & Management Co., Dubai, UAE


He has received some awards or honors for contribution to the Business & Social Development.

Social Activities

Sahed is a soulful and promising social worker and a dynamic organizer. He is one of the founders of eCommerce Association of Bangladesh (eCAB). Currently he is serving as the chairman of “e-Business Accreditation and Award” standing Committee. He was actively involved with one of the leading international non profitable voluntary organization, JCI Bangladesh for last 7 years. He served several position in national board of JCI Bangladesh during this year and also Founder President of a local organization named JCI Dhaka Heritage and Rotary Club of Manikganj Synergy. The different roles in different organization from his career are written in a short summary in the following:

  • Founder of eCommerce Association of Bangladesh (eCAB)
  • Founder President of JCI Dhaka Heritage
  • Charter President of Rotary Club of Manikganj Synergy
  • National Board member of JCI Bangladesh consecutively 4 times
  • Past National Treasurer of Dhrubotara Youth Development Foundation (DYDF)
  • Secretary General: Digital Polli (Joint Initiative of Commerce Ministry and eCab)
  • One of the proud JCI Senator
  • Achieved Rotarian PHF certification
  • Executive Member, Global Youth Development Council
  • Founder President, Global Youth Development Council (GYDC) Bangladesh
  • 2024-25 Assistant Governor, Rotary International, D3283
  • Vice President, E-Commerce Club Ltd

He is contributing a lot to the community and the society through these above mentioning position in different organizations and inspiring more young people of our nation.

JCI Bangladesh
Rotary Manikganj Synergy
Digital Polli
Ecommerce Club

Passionate Trainer

Mir Sahed Ali, who has a pleasant personality, is a visionary entrepreneur and also diligent with his multiple business & charity.

Although these, he is too passionate with the various activities of humanity, mankind, nature and professional skills development oriented programs both international and national levels.

He has natural talents with knowledge & speech for amateurs to develop skilled, towards expert level with entrepreneur development, soft skills development, e-commerce solutions, 2D-3D animations development as well as more common IT related solutions & development programs and so on.

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